Mark of the Beast


  • covers Daniel 7, Revelations 12-14 and part of the Great Controversy
  • 224 pages  by Harvestime Books and Part 2 by EG White

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Mark of the Beast – What is it? Who will get it? When and where does the Anti-Christ who enforces it come from? One of the greatest end times Biblical mysteries of all time and the most misunderstood. Evoking fear in millions, be not deceived, Satan is not coming with a pitchfork, horns in a red cape with 666 tattooed on his forehead. No, he is much more intelligent than that, for as scripture says, Satan comes as an Angel of light. The MARK is Real, The Warning is Clear, the Anti-Christ is already here, and we can identify him straight from the Bible, but have you already been deceived?

What is the MARK? Who will receive it? How can it be avoided? You need to know it. The Bible explains this signature of control, and this volume gets right to the meat of the matter, explaining this most misunderstood subject in clear, precise, simple language with documentation from both the Bible and the oldest and most powerful religious organization on earth to prove it.  Learn about the true seal of God and how Satan has a counterfeit of his own to deceive, if possible, the very elect. If you are into prophecy this book is for you, a complete guide to understanding the Mark and the Anti-Christ of Revelations. Gain knowledge few have about the hidden identity of the first and second beast of Revelations 13 and how a false Sabbath already has the majority of the world wondering after the Beast. A fascinating book on this prophetic subject everyone on earth needs to be informed about. It just very well may seal their eternal destiny, for in the end times you will either get the Seal of God or the Mark of the Beast.


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